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New high-performance computer modeling shows that copious winds blown off hot and heavy stars are neither smooth nor featureless.

The steady wind flow turns out to be pervaded by gigantic mass-strings winding up around the fast-spinning surface.

Tyson’s landlord had called police and told them that he suffered from mental illness, and was naked on his balcony and reportedly talking to the air and to a tree.

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The new supercomputer models are an important leap forward to pinpoint the physical mechanisms that feed and shape the environments of luminous and fast-evolving stars.

The team at the ROB carefully re-examined spectroscopic line data of a key blue star - known by the number "HD 64760" - in the Southern constellation of Puppis, observed by the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) in 1995.

I really like the look of the crystals cascading down the pot, and the fact that the teal crystals are matte, though the glaze is shiny.

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Credit: Alex Lobel/Ronny Blomme, Royal Observatory of Belgium.

There are tons of public transportation options with the San Diego Trolley stop right outside the stadium making getting around the city very convenient.

The ticket prices are decent and it is very easy to be able to walk up to the ticket window and purchase your tickets the day of the game, since it seems like they never sell out. I really like the inside nacho bar area on the 2nd floor. The design of the stadium pays homage to San Diego's culture & history.

(Phys -- A team of scientists at the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) announced today that the hottest and most massive stars are wrapped in spiraling waves of hot gas.

These winding waves, which have sizes as large as our Solar System, have long been expected since the mid 1980ies, but the team could - for the first time - study the intricate wave properties using new supercomputer simulations.

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